Craft Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA


Craft Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA
This weekend, at IKEA I was struck by this craft room display. It's highly efficient, yet very charming. I also noticed that three primary elements match what I tend to like in my own studios. Do all successful creative work spaces include these?

Craft Room Cabinets
1. Counter-Height Work Space For projects or tasks suited to standing up: cutting, designing, ironing, wrapping or similar. Here, standard kitchen cabinetry is topped with butcher block and backed with easy-access wall-mounted storage for crafting tools.

Craft Room Cabinets
To the right, an upper bank of glass-front cabinets provides a combination of display and storage, while under-cabinet lights add task lighting. Every space is used, including wall-mounted poles for ribbons and papers.

Craft Desk
2. Desk This is most commonly a computer desk, though it could also be a drafting or writing desk. Though charming, regular tables are too tall (about 30") for ergonomic comfort. Modern desks are usually in the 27"-29" range. Here, the desk also uses a very small footprint, leaving space for a bookshelf.

Craft Table
3. Table-Height Work Surface For tasks suited to sitting: studying, gluing, sewing or similar. Some forgo this space for additional countertop, but I prefer to have both, as sitting gives me added control over certain tasks like sewing. Here, a dining table and chandelier create a lovely spot to review the latest magazines, have meetings, or just craft with a family member.
My own studio space could use some improvement. I have had only two surfaces: a table on blocks for counter-height and a regular table for dual duty computer desk and sewing. Neither is ideal, and the desk table is taking up too much room. I also have no bookshelves (the shelves above my desk/table aren't rated for books). Now that I am adding cabinetry, I can remedy this. And, naturally, I would love a chandelier. I'd like to have one in every room of my home! What about you? What does your creative space look like? What works best about it, and what would you improve? If you have pictures on your blog, include a link so we can all see! ~Angela :-)

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