Before Vs. After: Who Do You Love?


So I've been wondering. What do you guys like to see? Are you all about the "live" action, seeing the ugly as it happens? Or do you like "all pretty all the time?" There's many ways to write a blog, but what do you like to read?

I think about this frequently as I'm working on things that aren't particularly photogenic while I'm doing them. Like right now I'm working on that slipcover, and the fabric hutch, along with the bathroom and Baby Girl's room (because we have company coming in a few months), and so there's lots happening, just not lots that's pretty.

So I thought about all the ways that I've seen blogs handle this, and I noticed a few common themes. I'm sure there's a million other ways to do it, it's not like this is an exhaustive list, but these seem to be the most common ways that I noticed.

1. The "Live Action" Blog . Everything that's happening gets shown, as it happens, whether it's pretty or not. Tutorials might come as you go, or might come at the end, depending on how fast the "live action" is going. Pro: You get to see things progress "real time." Con: You have to see a lot of ugly posts before you get to the "good stuff" (i.e. the reveal).

2. The "Before/After" Blog. There's usually one post showing a "before," then a lull, then one post showing the "after." If there's tutorials, they come after the big "reveal." Pro: Not a lot of ugly messy posts. Con: Lots of waiting for afters, and not a lot of visibility into the "real" process.

3. The "Keep the Conversation Going" Blog. This is a varation on the Before/After Blog, except that the spaces in between "before" and "after" are filled with other things. Pinterest posts, Features of other bloggers, discussions of style, decorating tips and tricks, linky parties, etc. Pros: Lots to read, see and discuss. Con: Still a lot of waiting to see the blogger's actual projects, and still not a lot of visibility into the real process.

4. The "All Eye Candy All The Time" Blog. This blog doesn't really have "befores" -- only afters. There's big afters once in awhile (rooms), but the rest of the time there are mini-afters (a basket, a box), pictures of thrift store finds, vignettes, "corners of my home", "little moments" that kind of thing. Pro: Pretty, pretty, all the time pretty. Who doesn't love eye candy? Con: Since the focus is on the pretty, there's not a big focus on tutorials, befores or any of the in-process stuff.

So. What do you prefer? Do you have a strong preference? Does one of these types of blog really excite or interest you?

In addition, I do really want to know what you want to read HERE at Cottage Magpie? Because I'd like to deliver what you are most interested in reading.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)

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