90 Days of Thankfulness, #31 - 40

This Thankfulness practice has it's ups and downs. Some days it comes so easily, so many things to be thankful for. Some days, not so much. But keep plowing forward anyway. And guess what? I find that I am genuinely happier, more grateful, and content than I was when I started. Coincidence? I think not. I really enjoyed posting a recap of my first thirty days of thankfulness, so I thought I'd do it again. But maybe every 10 days or so, so it's not quite so overwhelming! That was one long post!

Here's the most recent ten days of my thankfulness posts, with a few pictures, too.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #31 Today I am thankful for: * A clean house * Goodwill (great finds today!) * A case of local, organic broccoli, processed and in the freezer * Hot chocolate coconut milk. Mmmmm..... * The hot bath I am about to take. And yes, I am taking my book & cocoa with me! * All the friends out there, both here and in other cities, who inspire me, motivate me, help me and support me in my growth as a human being. I know it's gushy and trite, but I love you all, I really do. Thank you.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #32 Today I am thankful for: * Finally getting incontrovertible proof that grains make me moody, upset, angry, emotional and difficult. Even though I wasn't thrilled about the experience of having that proof given to me, I'm so glad to know it * That my son continues to forgive me when I am like that * The great things I've found over the last couple of days thrifting. That new duvet I got for my son looks amazing with the green sheets I found at the Goodwill! * Knowing exactly what I want for Christmas (getting my nice sewing machine fixed) * Having another groundbreaking and motivating conversation with Mr. Magpie about how to manage our money while we are without steady work * Health, happiness, home.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #33 Today I am thankful for: * A good long work session (finally!) * Two coats of poly on the dining room buffet. Doors & drawers next!! * All the beautiful colors of fabric and yarn that inspire me so * Breakfast for dinner * Feeling like I'm actually starting to get somewhere * Christmas is coming! I know it's early, but I'm already in the mood!

90 Days of Thankfulness, #34 Today I am thankful for: * Hot baths * Smart friends * Christmas crafting books from the library * Having a hidden phone cord!! It's been stapled to the wall for the last year and it's finally been fixed so the phone cord is invisible. Yay!!! * The "Making Stuff" series from NOVA. It's fascinating and for a sick day, great for the kids, too.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #35

The interesting thing about thankfulness is how much it highlights your strengths and weaknesses. We lost our only source of income a few weeks ago, and yet on that day I was still buoyant with the hopes of opportunities to come. Tonight, on the other hand, I have a doozy of a head cold and a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork, and I want to tell the gratitudes to stuff it.


The power in such practices comes from the times you most do not want to. Being thankful when it's easy to be thankful is lovely, but being thankful when you would rather do anything but that is transformative. Even in the moment when I say NO, my heart says yes. YES, I am thankful. This illness I have is relatively mild and certainly temporary. I have clothes. I have heat. I have food. I have children. I have a life partner. So many riches. So much.

For my selfishness and arrogance, I am repentant. For my bounty I am grateful.

The head cold can still stuff it.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #36

Today I am thankful for: * Incredibly inspiring women who are woven into the fabric of my daily life. Friends, artists, crafters, makers, bloggers, writers. I am so lucky to have access to so many, both in person and online. What an amazing time we live in. * A fantastic, strong homeschooling community that makes living and raising kids in our little town SO much fun * Learning about the etiquette of thank you notes. I wasn't raised with them and didn't realize how special and important they are to many people. Now I know! * The chance to read a book series beloved by my son, the Percy Jackson books -- starting tonight! * My triumvirate of favorite movies about love and life: Safety Not Guaranteed, The Decoy Bride and Proof. Oops, make that a quadumvirate and add TiMER to the list. * Speaking of movies, I am getting ready to start watching Christmas movies. I have such a long list to rewatch and new ones to see, Ima gonna haveta start early.

90 Days of Thankfulness, #37 Today I am thankful for: * Coconut flour carrot, raisin cinnamon muffins * Being almost *almost* done with a big pile of paperwork * Realizing that I have a pretty cool house to live in, and that I should appreciate it more instead of always trying to imagine how it could/should be different. * That we could help my Mom out of a little patch of blue today * Swiss chard! I love love love my greens!

90 Days of Thankfulness, #38 Today I am thankful for: * Pinterest * Vintage art * Birds!!! * Gilmore Girls * A very productive, inspiring day of doodling and drawing and possibly honing in on a new logo for my blog. * A friend who is paying me to finish her baby quilt for her (thank you!!) * Ideas for Christmas ornaments (hint: birds) and maybe some patterns, too!

90 Days of Thankfulness, #39 Today I am thankful for: * My big pile of bureaucratic paperwork is done!!! * The kids went to bed on time for once! Woo hoo! Evening peace! * Mr. Magpie is fixing me some bananas with coconut milk right now. Decadent treat. * I have found a groove where despite sickness, interruptions, and all manner of chaos, I am making forward progress every day. * Christmas movies (it's not too soon, it's not!) * Chocolate

90 Days of Thankfulness, #40

Can you believe only 50 days until the first of the year?

Today I am thankful for:

* My friends. Really, I hate to be obnoxiously gushy, but I have the best friends ever. I am so lucky. * I seem to actually be getting a little bit better. For some reason, colds just seem interminable to me. For. Ever. But, of course, I am actually finally getting to the end of it. * Snug time with my boy. We read together each night. Right now he's reading through a series of Bionicle books, and I'm ready the Percy Jackson series that he read last month. * Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Kinda in love with that show right now. (If you hadn't already figured it out, I am a total geek.) Aside from Fitz and Simmons, the best part of the show is Clark Gregg. I've loved him in everything I've ever seen him in. He always looks like he's on the brink of cracking up. Plus, doesn't he just seem like a nice person in real life? * Inspiration. Creativity is truly a divine gift. To be able to have ideas spring into your head like someone dropped them there. Isn't that magical?

I still can't believe this year is almost over. It's all a blur. I think that's my favorite thing about this practice, is that it's forcing me to notice the details, and giving me a way to recapture those details and revisit and re-read them. It's amazing to me how much of life kind of whizzes by. You think you'll remember it, but you don't. It's nice to remember.

I'll post another recap at #50. In the meantime, if you want to follow along, I post daily on Facebook and Instagram.

How are you feeling so far this season? Thankful? Not? Excited for the holidays? Not?

~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)