Cutest Pins Ever (Posie Pin Swap)


I am a person with great plans. There are so many sewalongs, swaps, themed linky parties... I mean, there's just SO MUCH going on out there! And I want to join in with it all, you know? I really do. But of course, like many people, my eyes are bigger than my crafting time.

But when I saw these adorable Posie Pins, I just couldn't help myself. I had had had to join in! When Becky over at Patchwork Posse put up the post with the Posie Pin Swap (and Tutorial), I took one look at those adorable little pins and I was hooked.

Aren't they cute?


Of course, I still don't have enough time, so I am a rotten swap partner and haven't sent out my swap yet (sorry, Marilyn!). But I will, I will. I have to!! Because look at these adorable, scrumptious, perfect-for-me posie pins that my swap partner Marilyn sent me!

They came with this very cute, feedsack-inspired pincushion. Marilyn asked me what I like, and boy, does she have my number!

They're all so cute, I just can't stand it.


But I have to say, I think my favorite one of all is the yellow and pink one.



I have mine mostly done, just finishing up the pincushion. I promise, Marilyn, I'll get them send out this week!

(Bad swapper, bad!)

You know, if I actually followed some of Marilyn's great organizational tips, maybe I wouldn't have this problem. Hmmmm.....

What about you? Do you have any crafty swaps/parties/sewalongs that you started but haven't finished? Best,

~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)