Dining Room Furniture


Dining Room Furniture
Because I've been so focused on the living room, I didn't really spend too much time getting ready for Thanksgiving with my dining room. But I did make a few changes. The bar top finally got cut down, so I was able to rescue my big table from being stuck in the corner. And I had some excess test paint from the paint sampling process that I slapped on the wall just so I could stop looking at primer. You'll notice that all the chairs are mismatched and half of them look like office chairs. This is because all the chairs are still at the other house, being used for staging the dining room at the other house. Sigh. Jelly Cabinet
The best part, though, of the dining room so far is this awesome jelly cabinet. I bought this about three years ago, ironically in a consignment shop here in the town I now live in, though at the time I lived over an hour away in the city. I never had a great spot for it in the old house, but I dug it out from under the pile in the garage and it works just perfectly here. Yay! Now in the corner, where the dining area was theoretically supposed to be, I now have this great china hutch I got on craigslist for free! Yes, that's right, free! I had to rent a truck to pick it up, but it was worth it. It needs a few small repairs and some new paint, but I'm completely thrilled to have it. China Hutch
I'm still a long way from that neat IKEA dining room display, but I'm getting there!
I still have a lot of projects in here, but I'm still working on the living room, so it'll have to wait. Except for one thing, I just ordered this awesome chandelier from greatchandeliers.com--I'll tell you all about it as soon as it gets here! ~Angela :-)