Family Room: Before

Pear Tree Cottage: Family Room: Before via

The family room on the house was added on back in the 1980's by a previous owner. It's oversized, which is nice, and with lots of windows. I'm particularly excited about this wall of built-ins. At least, I will be when they are not brown.

You may be gathering that my house came with a fair amount of wood. Lots and lots of wood. While the family room cabinetry isn't oak, it's oak colored. I love the storage and I love the window seat (well, it's going to be a window seat eventually). But I definitely do not love living with walls and walls of wood.

Of course, we can't forget the enormous wood stove. It may not seem that large in this picture, but the room is quite large. Let me assure you. This thing is mammoth! It dominates the room and makes this corner unusable. We also can't use it to heat the house. Well, we could if we wanted the family room to be 427 degrees and the rest of the house freezing.

Pear Tree Cottage: Family Room Before via

I digress.

For fear of being too negative, let me say that there are lots of things I love about this room. It has great light, great views to the garden, great storage, great space and great potential. So there. I mean, I did buy the house, after all! :-)

But also? That is a whole lotta beige!! Yikes! Painting on the menu first, people!

More coming up!!

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~Angela :-)