Finding Myself: The Color of Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Did you know that I don't know what my favorite color is?

This is a problem for me in general. I love colors, I love rooms, I love design. I read blogs and you all have such gorgeous pictures of the projects you're doing that I fall in love with everything. But when I try to figure out what *I* am doing, I'm totally stymied. What's my style? I don't know! I love cottage, but not clutter. I like farmhouse, but not 'country.' I like beachy, but not buoys and seagrass. I like feminine pastels but also retro brights....

What's my favorite color? No clue. I love them all. How am I going to decorate my house? What's my personal style? My personal color palette?

I have no idea.

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

So the other night at a friend's farm for dinner, I couldn't help but be taken in by her beautiful roses. I adore cabbage roses in general, and these, with their butter, apricot and pink hues just took my breath away.

The bushes were completely smothered with blooms and the hostess gave me a pair of scissors so I could take home a bouquet of my favorites. I got them quickly into one of my vintage milk-glass jars (a thrift store find) and put them on my desk. (Not to make you jealous or anything, but for the record, right now my office smells fantastic.)

Of course I can't stop staring at them. Or showing them to everyone who comes over. I mean, seriously, aren't they gorgeous? I just love these colors. The whisper of yellow, the palest sunrise apricot.. and then of course the little burst of mauve from the little rose, too.

So pretty.

And then it just smacked me in the head, like, OF COURSE!

I love these colors!

These, most of all.

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Here's the funny part.

You know how I have that peach chenille throw on my bed that I keep saying is "temporary" because I never had any intention of decorating anything in my house with peach? It's been there for, what, a year now? And I keep not changing it.

Here, go check it out -- I'll wait.

Did you see that? All the colors of these roses are in there. I have been choosing them without even realizing it. The peach throw, the butter yellow on the shams, and the mauve wing chair.

Apparently I know what my favorite colors are, even though I don't know what my favorite colors are.

Is that weird or what?

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

Bouquet of Cabbage Roses

I don't know how long I would have stumbled along without figuring that out if it weren't for the beautiful colors in this hand-picked bouquet of roses. But now I'm totally sure.

Because every time I look at these pictures I have the exact same response:

"Oh, yeah. That's what I love."


What about you? Do you just know what you love?


~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)

P.S. I told my son that if the entire house were decorated with these colors, I would be a very happy person.

He said, "I wouldn't."

He takes after his Dad.