First Garden Cleanup of the Season


First Garden Cleanup of the Season via First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

Has the weather where you live been unseasonably lovely? It sure has here. Not that I'm complaining. We've had really cold, rainy Springs the lasat few years, so having a sunny, warm Spring suits me just fine.

On Saturday I thought I might just do a little in the garden, then come back in to sew and work on my workshop space, but I ended up staying out almost the whole day. Once you get started, it's really hard to stop, I swear. It's so relaxing, especially when the kids get occupied with other things and I'm just out there, working my way through the weeds, a little bit at a time.

I had actually intended to work on the front garden, since I am hoping to really make that look pretty this year, but I was heading into the someday-mudroom to find my gardening stuff, and I noticed the pie cherry blooming by the back porch. And then, as I was looking at the blooms, I noticed the little sitting area in the gazebo-thing behind that.

First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

I kind of forgot it was back there all winter, it was such a weedy, overgrown mess. But it's a cute little spot tucked in the corner of the garden.

First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

And I thought. Well, I'll just do a little clean-up of that area as a start. Then I'll go back out front.

The thing is, I was planning to take all of this out. I know, shocking, but I really need more vegetable gardening space, and I have the whole front yard for pretty stuff, so I was going to convert it all to veggies. But then I started cleaning and weeding. The gravel started to look so pretty with the lush green plants around it.

First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

The bird and butterfly garden next to the gazebo thing is bursting with things that will all bloom this summer.

First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

It's looked so pretty there in past years, I'm not sure if I have the heart to rip it all out again.

First Garden Cleanup of the Season via

Either way, it sure feels good to make the garden start to look nice again. It was so neglected over the winter that I had all but given up on it!! But a few hours of weeding and cleaning out the dead foliage from last year, and it looks pretty again. So satisfying.

What about you? Have you started the Spring garden clean up yet? Or did you do yours last fall?

~Angela :-)