Foxglove Seedlings


Foxglove Seedlings I love, love, love foxgloves. They are one of the classic, top ten cottage flowers, in my book. I've had them in all of my gardens, including the entry garden at Valentine Cottage.

Naturally I brought some with me to Pear Tree Cottage. They didn't bloom well, probably the transplanting, and I didn't think about them again until the other day when I was outside and noticed a green haze around each plant.

Foxglove Seedlings

Guess what I found?


Hundreds upon hundreds of foxglove seedlings.

I am SO happy! I'm sure I won't have room for them all, but I certainly won't be lacking in foxgloves. I've never had such good luck with anything self-sowing before. I'm so excited! I hope some of them come up purple like the ones I had before.

What about you? What are your best self-sowers?

~Angela :-)