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As you know, I said I wanted to clean up the entire garden before I focused on this year's project, the Shed Garden. I've been chipping away and I think I've gotten the front garden to a point that I'm okay with moving on. Not that there's not more work to do out here, but all the winter debris and deadwood has been cleaned up, and that means it can go into "maintenance mode" for while I focus on making the shed garden something to enjoy.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the weeds stayed weeded, the bushes pruned, the lawn mowed? Sigh! I do love to garden, but sometimes I wish things wouldn't grow quite so fast. I'm sure there'll be many more all-day-weeding sessions this year. But for now, it all looks neat and tidy, and it's satisfying to see it. It's still pretty early in the season here, so not all of the plants and shrubs are in their full glory, but you can get a pretty good idea of the bones of the place.

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Last summer I added the rocks in the front of the foundation planting beds. Things went downhill with my Dad pretty soon after that so I never did take an "after" picture. I think they turned out well, though.

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Since the day I moved in I've intended to put a path from the front door to the sidewalk. I had started digging up the dirt there so we could put in / have put in a concrete step down and then I was thinking of just doing gravel from there to the sidewalk. We haven't been able to make that happen, and I know (I know) the smart thing would be to fill it in and plant it up and dig it up later when we get to that project. But just can't quite bring myself to fill it in and then know I'll have to dig it all up again later. Is that nuts?

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I did also manage to build the little bed by the walkway last summer, too, and it's just starting to fluff out. You can see there are even tulips about to bloom toward the back there, behind the bleeding hearts.

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I actually brought these bleeding hearts from my old garden. They're called "Gold Heart" (Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart') and they have bright chartreuse foliage. I really love how they brighten things up in Spring.

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What's your favorite Spring flower?

~Angela :-)