Gazebo Chairs Before & After


Backyard Gazebo Chairs Backyard Gazebo Chairs

As you may or may not know, I have a space in the back garden I optimistically call "the gazebo." It was originally going to be a real gazebo, but have you priced those lately? Yikes!

So... I thought I'd build one, and I've only gotten so far. But even unfinished it creates a lovely little area to be in and enjoy the butterflies and hummingbirds in the garden. In fact, it's so nice, it might just stay this way forever!

But that's not what this post is about. Ha.

This post is about the chairs in the gazebo. Or gazebo like thing. That I have.


Earlier this year I threw some random chairs in there just to have something in there, and I thought it looked pretty charming, sort of mixy-matchy, you know?

Like so:

Backyard Gazebo Chairs

In practice it didn't really work. It was very crowded in there and I couldn't get to the beds behind, and it was kind of busy looking. Too many shapes jumping out at you. So last week I go this great idea to move the wire chairs that were on the front porch back here. You know, the ones that looked so skimpy on the front porch? Well, guess what? They look great here! See?

Backyard Gazebo Chairs

So much calmer, and the focus is on the flowers and the structure, not the chairs. I love it. Here's another view -- before:

Backyard Gazebo Chairs

And after:

Backyard Gazebo Chairs

What do you think?

I really like this little nook. It's a great place to retreat to and just hang out with the birds and the butterflies.

I'll probably finish buliding it someday.

Backyard Gazebo Chairs

Of course what you're not seeing is the pile of trucks that I stashed behind the plants on the left so I could take this serene picture. Usually there's a mini-construction site going in the gravel pretty much full time. I know what you're thinking... apples and trees... what can I say? We're DIY types here, folks. Oh yes, and the wooden chair and rocking chair? They're on the front porch, and I think they work really well there! More on that in a week or two, when I finish my latest outdoor project.

What about you? Any secret nooks in your backyard? Do you let your children in them?


~Angela :-)