Guest Bathroom, Before

Pear Tree Cottage - Guest Bathroom Before - via

So this house is kind of a tease. You're going along, seeing some pretty standard, kind of basic bedrooms and bonus rooms and thinking that all you need is a bit of paint and then WHAM. You hit this.

This the guest bathroom. It's not the original layout, of that we are pretty sure. It was "upgraded" in the 1980s when some mystery previous owner did their big remodel, extending the master, redoing the kitchen and adding the family room. So this probably was the height of fashion back then. If only I liked oak toilet seats! I'm awash!!

So, as far as we can tell this bathroom had a tub originally, and a much smaller vanity (that one is the size of an aircraft carrier!!). With our young son we need a tub, so this room is one of the first that will get the hammer. As in sledgehammer. :-) Fun, fun, fun!!


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~Angela :-)