Guest Bathroom Paneled Ceiling


Guest Bathroom Paneled Ceiling The race against Thanksgiving dinner continues at Chez Magpie with the continuing work on the guest bathroom.

Over the weekend, I put in (....drumroll....) by myself (....more drumroll....) a panelled ceiling and crown molding! I hate to be obnoxious, but I am SO proud of myself!

Guest Bath Paneled Ceiling

Not all the corners are absolutely perfect, but I'm trying to be relaxed about it since it's my first time. Mr. Magpie says that caulk will hide the gaps, so I'll be using liberal amounts.

I used the economy grade tongue-and-groove pine and MDF crown molding from my local big-box store, and the project took several hours and cost about $60 total. I had to use the chop saw, the air compressor and the brad nailer, so it was many new power tools for me. And I had to wrestle with some of the boards and definitely the crown molding, but I got it done and I think my next ceiling project will be much smoother.

I also textured the walls all by myself using cans of spray on orange peel. I prefer a smooth plaster, but the rest of the house has orange peel, so I thought I should have it match.

The whole mess has been primed, so next it's bright, shiny white paint and then I can start on the tile floor! Woo hoo!

~Angela :-)

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