Guest Bathroom Tile Floor


Guest Bathroom Tile Floor Well, folks, it is official. We have had the first tears (mine) on my guest bathroom remodel project. Why? Two words: Floor tile.

It started out well. Mr. Magpie kindly cemented the Hardibacker down for me, and after it dried, I started laying out tile. I was worried about it lining up just right at the doorway and tub, so I pre-cut all the tile and dry-fit the whole room.

Two words:

Bad. Idea.

Guest Bath Tile Floor

I had thought we could pick up each tile individually, put mortar on the back, and put it back in it's tidy grid. It doesn't work like that. The mortar is way too messy and kneeling on the dry floor messes it up.

The solution, according to Mr. Magpie, was to remove all the tile, in orderly stacks, then cement it all back down, starting from the back corner.

But I was terrified that by the time we worked our way to the tub it would be crooked, or that by the time we got to the door the tiles I had pre-cut wouldn't fit right, if at all. Disaster!

Mr. Magpie didn't see a problem and kept pushing to do it his way so we could get it done.

So, to recap:

Me: Freaking out after cutting tile for too many hours straight.

Him: Up way too late with hysterical wife.

Ultimately I think I said something along the lines of never tiling again for the rest of my life. And something about the bathroom and hell freezing over.

That's when the crying started.

Guest Bath Tile Floor

As for Mr. Magpie, he just calmly (impressively), set about laying the tile. Ambiguity doesn't bother him, he just made it work. And it looks fantastic.

I'm proud to say that when I realized he was doing that, I stopped crying and started helping, and we got it done.

If you're wondering, yes, I plan to tile again. Now that I know how to do it, I am already planning my next tile job. That either makes me resilient or masochistic. We'll find out which! :-)

Now, I'm almost afraid to ask, but has anyone else out there burst into tears while remodeling?

~Angela :-)

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