Guest Bathroom Tile Found

Guest Bath Tile

Guest Bath Tile

While daydreaming about possible facelifts for my sorry master bathroom project, I've managed to make some progress on my still-ongoing guest bathroom project: I found tile for the tub surround! And I managed to find a bargain, too.

Going in, I knew I was going to have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, sandy tile floors and white subway tile. I also knew that I wanted an aqua accent color and a tile accent border near the top of the shower area.


My first attempt at picking tile for the bathroom was this combination, which I found at Lowe's. Nice, right? Sure. It's very nice. And the white subway tiles are a fantastic price, just over a buck a square foot. (I opted for the large ones for this project.) As for the rest, even though it's at the low end of what Lowe's offers, it was still going to be more than I wanted to spend. The floor tile was in the $3.50 per square foot range, the 2" x 2" mosaic (for an accent) was $4.50 per square foot. And those gorgeous blue liners? Like, $1.79 EACH. So, back to the drawing board.


My first big score was this floor tile. The big box stores often get in a big pile of something that they sell cheap. This was from Home Depot at $.78 a square foot. Yes, folks, that's seventy-eight CENTS. It looks great installed.

The glass tiles I had dismissed at first because they're $13.50 a square foot. But using these I could skip the liners completely and just use 3 or 4 rows together in a strip. Turned out to be much cheaper. MUCH cheaper.

But I had had my heart set on the aqua color and the glass only came in this green. So, back to the drawing board again.


Finally I decided to make a pilgrammage to my favorite tile spot, the Pratt & Larson factory seconds store in Portland. SO awesome. The regular tile there is $1.50 a POUND. It works out to a couple bucks a square foot or so, depending on what you get. Such a bargain for tile that usually starts at $25.00 a square foot. And still very inexpensive. I found these gorgeous aqua blue subway tiles and these adorable 1" x 1" mosaics in a variety of greens and blues and knew I had found my border. Yay!

Now I just have to get back in there and get to work! :-)

What about you? Any projects you're dying to get back to?

~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)

Paint: "Westhighland White" in Pro Classic semi-gloss (on ceiling) and "Tidewater" in Duration Home flat (on walls), both from Sherwin-Williams.