Guest Bathroom Tub Install


Guest Bathroom Tub Install Hip, hip, hooray!

The plumbers made my day!

My joy hath no bound

I'm kind of a clown

I seriously can't wait to bathe., like, 3 months when I finish this project! Heh.

I love this tub. The Kohler Devonshire. It's extra deep, 20" total, and the overflow is very high, so you get a full 14 inches of water. And the best part is that it's only $350, in stock, off the shelf at Home Depot. Such a good deal that I'm almost afraid to tell you about it for fear someone at either Kohler or Home Depot will realize they've been selling this tub too cheaply!

Okay, so now I just have to build the rest of the enclosure and toilet stall area, put up the cement board for the tile, do all the sheetrock, joint and tape, texture the walls, install the ceiling treatment (that's a surprise), find or build a vanity, tile, grout, paint, decorate... Hoo boy. :-)

You ever start a project and then halfway in realize you were in for a lot of work?

~Angela :-)

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