In Case You Were Wondering...


Pink Chippy Chair via Cottage Magpie Scrappy Trip Along Quilt via Cottage Magpie

In case you were wondering, I did get the two main walls of my workshop painted a couple of weeks ago. (You remember my agonizing process on the color.) I ended up choosing white like so many of you recommended (especially after seeing pictures from my favorite decorating book). I love it. LOVE love love.

BUT. I'm never going to enjoy being in here unless I actually *fit* in here, which means that there's room on all the shelves, and that what is on those shelves is inspiring, beautiful, usable materials that I am in love with. Nothing else.

Which, you know, meant I had to empty out all the shelves and all the junk piled in the corners and everything so I could go through it.

Which, you know, means that my workshop, at the moment, looks like this:

Pink Chippy Chair via Cottage Magpie


Lest you think that is not so bad, here's another angle.

Pink Chippy Chair via Cottage Magpie

I'm sorry. I know you can't unsee that. I can't either, unfortunately. I have to look at it all day, since I work from home and this is also my office.

BUT, there is hope. I am going through everything and I'm getting rid of a TON of stuff.

I'm also sewing a ton of stuff, because (and this should come as no surprise to anyone, ever) I have about 52x more stuff than will actually fit in here. But I don't want to give *all* of it away, so I'm sewing a bunch of stuff up so that it can go on and live the useful life it was meant to and leave more space on my shelves.

One way or the other, though, this space will be clean and organized and bright and beautiful and inspiring, even if it means getting rid of 80% of it.

I'll keep you posted.

What about you? Do you have more stuff than will fit in your workshop, craft space or office? Or are you one of those rare individuals who doesn't bring home more than their house will hold (in which case, how do you do that?)

~Angela :-)