Kitchen Renovation Progress


Poor Marilyn Kitty. She's running out of places to sleep! And I feel just like her. We've been doing so much marathon painting and fixing and cleaning and packing, I just want to curl up in the middle of the drop cloth and crash. I have to keep telling myself, "Just a couple more weeks, a couple more weeks...." At least we have something to show for all the work.Things are moving slowly. But they're moving. Thank goodness, because we need to get this place done so we can move! The biggest change this week is the kitchen. We worked all day on the 4th to get ready for the tile installers. Of course, they're not coming until next week after all. But I was so excited about how it's turning out, even half done, that I wanted to show you some pictures. Here's what the kitchen looked like in December: Kitchen in December And this is what it looks like now. Kitchen Now December: Kitchen In December Now: Kitchen Now December: Kitchen In December Now: Kitchen Now And a bonus shot of the sink wall: Sink Wall Now Cool, huh? I love, love, love that wall color. And the track lighting? Awesome! I'm still blown away by that. I never, ever thought I'd say something nice about track lighting. But I really like it! And the shot above that shows the fridge, you can see the cabinets to the left have the new handles on them. Aren't they awesome? I think I may have to do this exact same makeover at the new place. :-) More soon....

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