Let's Start Over, Shall We?


The Mess of a Living Room My living room. You remember it, don't you? That's it, up there. There's just as few (*cough* understatement *cough*) problems with it.

I am so proud.

And overwhelmed.

Fortification, I need fortification.

Twenty minutes later I'm cruising the InterWebz, and right there, the ever-talented Miss Mustard Seed has an article on starting over with a room. She called it "Resetting a Room." Well, friends and neighbors, this is exactly what I'm doing.

With my nerve galvanized by an intoxicating combination of you all cheering me on and inspiration from the Divine Miss M (and let's not lie, a couple'a mugs of super dark hot chocolate with cinnamon), I go in.

Crash, bang, shuffle, slide, slide, @(*#%)(*098, bash, shuffle, crash.

Do your room makeovers sound like that? Somehow mine always do! :-)

Now everything's out of the room except the the two wing chairs and the chandelier. I add back in the armoire that got displaced when I moved the piano and a new-to-me couch. If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen them both. The armoire was a $35 find at Goodwill, and the couch I found at ReStore for $40 (yes, that's forty) dollars.

Alrighty, then.

Front Porch Digitally Enhanced

(Don'tcha just love those late night photos?)

Clearly we need to come up with a furniture arrangement. Something cozy. Something inviting. Something that can deal with the way-crazy off-to-one-side fireplace. Yeah, the fireplace is so far off to the side that a good chunk of it is actually in space that I would call the entry. This is the best picture I have at the moment:

Front Porch Digitally Enhanced

So, let's try some things. First off, let's get the furniture off the walls and into the middle of the room:

The Mess of a Living Room

Definitely better. Although there's nowhere to put end tables. But maybe a console behind the couch would work. But the armoire is heavy and so is the fireplace and it's just too much on that side of the room. Maybe behind the couch:

The Mess of a Living Room

Uh, no.

In the corner?

The Mess of a Living Room

Not too bad if you shift the furniture over. But still nowhere to put end tables, and it makes the room feel really small.

What if we turned the couch to face the fireplace?

The Mess of a Living Room

Hey, not bad.

But I think we need to move the armoire back now, so it's in front of the couch, too.

The Mess of a Living Room

I like it!

I think.

It feels good *in* the room, definitely. But I still don't love the heavy armoire next to the heavy fireplace.

I'll sleep on it and let you know. Any thoughts?

Meanwhile, I'm curious: What about you? Have you ever reset a room?

~Angela :-)