Living Room Bookshelves


Living Room Progress I don't think I've shared much about the living room since I painted it a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been to a few thrift stores, collected a few things, and started to put a look together.

I think I shared with you that I had been inspired by a photo that featured a tan, white and blue palette with a beachy feel (you can see the photo on the header of Barbara Jacksier's blog). So I intended to have a beachy sand and sky thing going on here. I even found an entire bolt of blue floral upholstery fabric for $6 at the thrift store.

But sometimes a room just doesn't want to be what you want for it. That probably sounds weird. I just mean that somehow the room comes together differently than you intended. My living room, for example, seems to want to be a cottage garden theme kind of thing with a palette of black/cream/tan with touches of green.

Living Room Progress

I can't believe I found a loveseat for such a good price.

It could be because of the cute little toile loveseat, which I picked up on Saturday at a consignment shop for $45. It's not very practical, and it's a little too small for the room, but you understand, I had to buy it, right? It's toile. It's in mint condition. Mint. I mean, could you pass up a perfect condition in black and cream toile loveseat for $45? I think not.

Living Room Bookshelves

To paint, or not to paint? That is the question.

Now, the bookshelves I'm still undecided about. My original plan was to paint them white. But I didn't have time over the holidays and wanted to get my books unpacked so I put them up as is. Now the warmth of the pine is starting to grow on me.

Speaking of the books, though, I took all the dust jackets off and like how they look much better. I wish they were even more faded, so I've thought about spraying bleach water on them (don't tell Mr. Magpie). I'm not sure I could bring myself to do it, because I know it'll mean that the bleach could potentially cause the fabric to deteriorate faster than normal. Like, 50 years instead of 100, right?

So what about you? Do your rooms seem to have minds of their own? Would you paint those bookshelves? And really, could you bring yourself to bleach the covers of all your hardback books? Enquiring minds want to know.

More soon!

~Angela :-)