Master Bedroom, Before

Pear Tree Cottage - Master Bedroom Before - via

Welcome to our new master bedroom! This is another room that was extended during The Great Remodel of the 1980s. At least, it seems like that's what it was to me -- I wasn't here, of course! :-)

So this room is hard to photograph because it's so dark and it's long and narrow-ish. It's not narrow, really, it's normal width for a bedroom. It's just that it's so long and dark that it seems narrow, especially on camera.

The good news is that there's "his-and-hers" closets, one at each end of the room:

Pear Tree Cottage - Master Bedroom Before - via
Pear Tree Cottage - Master Bedroom Before - via

But you know what bugs me the most about this room? The window. That wall faces the garden. The whole wall. Why, tell me, why is there a teeny, tiny window? It should have a huge window. Or French doors. Or something. It kills me. (Again, with the whining, I'm sorry.)

Someday, I have fantasies that we will be able to put French doors in that wall and then it will be a really amazing master suite that I will luuuuuurve. But for now, it's brown, and brown, and brown, and DARK and brown. Sigh!!

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~Angela :-)