Mr. Magpie's Office (aka "The Study")


Mr. Magpie's Office via Cottage Magpie Mr. Magpie's Office via Cottage Magpie

Like I I told you the other day, we've been playing "musical rooms" since last fall, and we're still sort of getting situation to move forward. It's really exciting, of course. The best part is that with the changes we're making, I feel like the house is finally falling into place like it hasn't in the 5 1/2 years we've been here. I actually think this is the end of the constant changes.

The downside is that despite our vow to not do the "whole house project" method, we're doing it anyway. Not that we weren't going to do projects in all the rooms, we totally were. But I had had this fantasy after the pain and suffering of the last house (I'll be sharing more on that story soon) that I would do things one room at a time. It's very popular to do things that way and I can see why -- it makes for great reveals and great rooms to live in!! But I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that my brain just doesn't work that way. I tend to do a little here and a little there, and slowly the whole house gets better. C'est la vie!

Anyway, that's not why we're here. We're here to talk about Mr. Magpie's office. So, to recap, last fall, we (well, Mr. Magpie), did a whole lot of this:

Building in Cabinets via Cottage Magpie

But then we decided it was better for it to be my office, like this (totally not finished yet):

Craft Room Office in Living Room via Cottage Magpie

Which meant that Mr. Magpie's office ended up in the bonus room, which works out better for him, too. It's kind of like this:

Mr. Magpie's Office via Cottage Magpie

There's basically three "zones" or areas in this room, and I'll probably work on them one at a time. I'm sorry to say that is in the "eventually" category, because one of the side effects of this switcheroo is that the main bathroom has become a major priority. I'll explain more about that soon, but meanwhile, here's what will eventually be the "before's" of Mr. Magpie's office.

First up is the "guest" area, with the daybed. It's the daybed from IKEA and it makes into a King sized bed with real mattresses. It's really comfortable, unlike every folded couch bed I've ever tried.

Daybed in the Office via Cottage Magpie

You may recognize this, because it has been in many rooms in our house, most recently in the family room:

Daybed in Family Room via Cottage Magpie

That's the family room before I started painting the hutches green.

Then there's Mr. Magpie's work area, which features the awesome old desk that a friend gave us. I really really love this desk!!

Vintage Wood Desk via Cottage Magpie

The last area is this feature / display wall. Now you know what happened to the salvaged wood! :-) It's here. Clearly we need to go back to ReStore and get more.

Salvaged Wood Wall in Progress via Cottage Magpie


Actually there's five zones because I missed two!!

The little vestibule that leads to his office:

Office Entry in Progress via Cottage Magpie

And the office bathroom:

Office Mathroom in Progress via Cottage Magpie

That photo is from when we were touring the house! I looked and can't find one newer, but trust me, there's not much to see.

BUT, can you see the potential? I can totally see the potential. It's going to be red, blue, black and wood, with silver accents. Kind of old barn meats 30's Hollywood meets geek love meets industrial chic. Does that make sense?? What should we call that? Industrial Hollywood Geek Barn? I don't know. But I'm excited. It doesn't look like much now, but I can totally see it in my mind. More on that soon, too!

Do you have a project that you just *know* is going to be amazing, but nobody else can "see" it? Does that happen to you frequently, like me?

~Angela :-)

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