My Tree Peony Bloomed!!!


My Tree Peony Bloomed!!! via My Tree Peony Bloomed!!! via

Wow!! Last week when I shared the enormous buds of my tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa), I never in a million years thought it would bloom so soon. The herbacious peonies won't bloom for weeks, so I had no idea this one would bloom so early. Color me stunned.

Plus, as I said before, it's pretty exciting since it's never bloomed before in the 10 years I've had it. That's mostly my fault, since I had moved it so many times it was really unhappy. Frankly, I'm surprised it's growing at all, let alone blooming.

But blooming it is, and goodness, it's pretty spectacular. Can you believe how big those blooms are? I mean, wowzers, they are HUGE! Here's one with my hand just so you can get an idea of how big they are. I'm guessing that they are at least 8 inches across.

My Tree Peony Bloomed!!! via

It's really rainy here right now, so I'm having to hold the heavy blooms up to photograph them. It makes it hard to see into the center. But then, the petals are so frilly and pretty, I'm not minding all that much.

My Tree Peony Bloomed!!! via

My Tree Peony Bloomed!!! via

I think somehwere I saved the tag for it so I could eventually write a blog post about it, but I don't know where it is right now. I do know that it's a tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa), and I know that it had "purple" in the name. So, with a quick search on the InterWebz, I think it might be one called "Big Deep Purple" (Paeonia 'Da Zong Zi')

Unfortunately the poor peony is not in the greatest spot and really should get moved over to the new garden by the shed. But, I'm terrified to move it. It might rebel and never bloom again!!! As Mr. Magpie says, it'll be yelling at me, "Hey, lady, don't'cha know I got roots!?"

Do you move plants around too much? Or am I the only one?

~Angela :-)