New Studio Inspiration Shelves


Inspiration Shelves Does this look a little familiar? You've seen some similar things before, both with my first wall full of shelves, and then the smaller, but cuter, shelves I made when Mr. Magpie moved in to share my office/studio.

Vintage Buttons

Well, with both of us, our computers, his gear, my fabric, our mutual office was just too crowded. So I moved my sewing stuff to the room his office used to be in, before he moved in with me. (Confused yet?) Anyway, that room wasn't big enough for both my office stuff and my sewing stuff, but the old office was decorated in "early man mess" which isn't really my cup of tea, so I moved my "office" into the kitchen.


So now my sewing stuff is in this room, and my office is in the kitchen. And these are the new shelves in the new studio, and I really like them.

But I have to ask: am I the only one who changes rooms around on a regular basis? I don't mean changing the furniture or decor around, I think we all do that. I mean moving entire rooms from one room to another. I seem to do this a lot. But I get a lot of funny looks from frequent visitors.

So how about you? Do you move your rooms? Do you?

~Angela :-)