Okay, Angela. Out With it Already.


So, you know how I keep saying that I need to clean up this room (i.e. my workshop) so I can take a picture so I can get your help? Well, I think it's time I came clean and admitted that it's probably not going to be clean anytime soon. It's partly all the life that happens in here, but it's also that I'm totally stalled on decorating decisions, so I'm not motivated enough to clean it! That is so embarrassing to admit out loud. I know this is totally spoiled of me. I mean, I have a whole room of the house of my very own, and I can't be bothered to clean it up because I don't know about the paint colors? Wow. I mean, just wow. So I'm fully aware that this is a completely obnoxious problem to be complaining about. Just for the record.

Sadly, however, it is where I'm at. So here's me, being real, and moving forward anyway, project mess and all. And there are projects. Notes about the projects. Piles of supplies for the projects. Remnants of my most recent "stolen moment" of working on the projects....

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

Not to mention the whole, "kids live here" thing. Oh look, an actual kid, cluttering up the works! Hahahaha. I love that they will hang out in here with me, even if it means half their stuff ends up in here.

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

So all that has combined to make the room look like this:

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie


So, last time I showed this room was when I updated you about Mr. Magpie's office, and it looked like this:

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

Marginally cleaner, but with some temporary furniture.

I did the plate wall, the yellow cabinet makeover, the ironing surface, the pink wooden letter and got a new (to me) lamp...

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

Then I added that buffet (you saw a sneak peek of it when I posted about being sick):

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

But of course, then life happened and it's like this:

Messy Workshop via Cottage Magpie

I keep saying that I need to finish up the projects before I work on the room, but it's nearly April already. I need your help on colors and details, and I wanted a nice "clean slate" picture first.

But here's the reality. This room is a mess, it's going to be a mess, and even once I finish decorating it, it's likely going to be a mess. Like, 6.7 seconds after the last picture is snapped. So I might as well get over it and just have you help me while it's a mess. Maybe we can even work on the mess! What a concept.

So. Next I'll share some inspiration photos, then some digital color options, then we can get started. I'm so excited!!

It may be embarrassing, but at least we're in it together.

What about you? Is your office all clean right now?

~Angela :-)