Planning for (Daydreaming of) a Summer Border


Summer Garden Even with Easter just around the corner, Spring doesn't seem to be arriving soon enough. I do enjoy winter gardens, but about now I start to feel like I've been holding my breath for the last few months. So I'm daydreaming (or planning) my garden, looking through last year's photos to try and remember what it was I wanted to do differently or the same.


This particular border at my last house was such a lovely surprise. It was primarily pass-along and swap plants, and not my usual classic pink and blue cottage garden color scheme. But I loved how it turned out and I ended up continuing the theme for the entire border. And I love the birdcage, too. Nothing says cottage style like birdhouses and birdcages, right?


I'd like to play with this color palette at the new place, although it will most certainly evolve. But I am glad I rediscovered these photos. Sometimes trying a completely different color palette leads to fabulous results. Of course, sometimes it can be a disaster. Sometimes doing something different is freeing and liberating. Sometimes trying too hard to be different makes a huge mess.

So how are you going to plan your summer garden? Meticulously? With the tried-and-true? Freewheeling? Going for the experimental? Or maybe no planning at all?

Seriously, I want to know.

~Angela :-)