Progress in the Shed Garden


Progress in the Shed Garden via Progress in the Shed Garden via

I feel like it's not exactly fair that I keep leading with pictures from later in the season. Of course that's not at all what the garden looks like right now. Right now, instead of warm grass, lush trees and bursting perennials, it's all soggy dirt, bare branches and rampant weeds. This one is a little better. This one is only cheating a teeny tiny bit. It's a picture of The Gazebo Thing from mid April. So, in theory, my actual garden will look something like that in a few short weeks. Oh, I can't wait. :-)

Meanwhile, I did actually get a little bit of work done in the Shed Garden this last week. Not a ton, but every little bit counts! I used to not think that way. I thought that if you couldn't get a huge chunk of work done that it wasn't worth working. I didn't believe, in my gut, that the little snips and snatches of time would add up. But I've learned since then. They do, they really do!

You remember my digital makeover "vision" for this garden that I did several years ago:

Progress in the Shed Garden via

What it looked like last week when I told you about my plan to makeover this garden:

Progress in the Shed Garden via

And here's what it looks like now, after a bit of mowing and a little weeding:

Progress in the Shed Garden via

I'm still in "cleaning" mode in the garden. I promised myself that the whole garden would be clean and trimmed before I started any projects in here. But I'm getting close! The front garden is almost finished, and the back garden doesn't have that much left to do, either. I'll share the ongoing progress next week.

Progress in the Shed Garden via

Progress in the Shed Garden via

That poor hedge needs a major, major trim. I haven't done it since the year I moved in. All the neighbors do theirs once a year and it really shows. I don't need it to be meticulously trimmed, but it would be nice to have it not be the eyesore of the block, either. The raised beds need to come out, too. They are rotting and falling apart, and don't fit into the new plan anyway. I'll use the dirt for other things and then have grass here.

So, as you know I generally do not make lists, but I do have a basic idea of where I'm heading. After the whole yard is cleaned up and the hedge is brought under control, I'll get the rotting raised beds out and the perimeter beds in, and then things will start to get FUN.

Are you able to work in your garden yet? Are you a 15-minutes-at-a-time kind of person, or do you prefer to work in bigger chunks?

~Angela :-)