Progress on the Garden Shed (and "Ungarage" Sale)


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Last weekend, I went outside to weed a little. I was thinking I might clear some more of the area around the shed, keep that project moving forward. But then I noticed how all these old doors I've collected up were piled on the porch, along with some salvaged wood for another project, and I thought to myself, "Gosh, I should clear a little space in the shed so I can store these things in there until I'm ready for them." Just a few things, mind you.

Somehow, I got on a roll, and we ended up spending the entire weekend clearing out the shed. It was amazing. I had all this stuff that I had collected and collected and I just knew I didn't need it anymore. Good stuff. nice stuff. But stuff that I didn't have room for in my house. Plus a few treasures--I'll tell you about those in a minute. First off, I thought you'd like to see how much emptier the shed is.

Here's what it looked like last time I shared:

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And here's what it looks like after the big purge.

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It doesn't seem that empty, but this is after I had already put my doors and wood back in here. So you can see I got rid of just about everything.

Here's all my doors:

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In our house we have a mix of new, "builder basic" molded panel doors and old hollow-core doors. So I've been collecting up vintage wood panel doors to replace them with. Maybe next year!

Oh yes, and I found some other treasure, too. Here's some:

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Yes, that is hex tile, and yes, that is a whole case of hex tile. Can you believe it? I bought it for the other house to use in the bathroom, and then the cats peed on part of it so we didn't have enough good to do the whole bathroom, and then we decided to move so we put square slate-look tiles in there. I totally thought we'd donated the hex tile or something. But, no! It was in the shed all this time! I knew there was a reason I had dubbed it "The Magic Shed!"

I am so going to use that in my bathroom. Not the kids' bathroom, oh, no. MY bathroom. Which means I'll have to keep storing it for awhile. Which Mr. Magpie is not exactly thrilled about. But hey, I've had it for, like, 10 years now, so another few won't hurt anything. :-)

Oh yes, and that reminds me, the ungarage sale. So I was ready to just donate all the stuff from the shed, just so it could get gone. But Mr. Magpie wanted to have a garage sale. To which I said, "Oh, heck no." Because while I love the idea in principle, I do not want to spend all weekend doing that. If I'm going to work hard at something, I'd rather spend that time developing a product or trying to get another client or something like that. So he had this brilliant idea of just putting the stuff on the driveway with a sign that said, "Take what you want, pay what you like," and an arrow pointing at our mail slot.

Guess what? It worked! We got rid of almost everything and people paid us actual cash money! I was pleasantly surprised. I think we made more than if we'd been sitting out there, truly. I'll never do it the regular way again.

Have you ever found secret hidden treasure when you've cleaned out a shed or attic or similar space?

~Angela :-)