Rose Garden, Plan


I am so proud of myself. I actually drew a to-scale plan for the future rose garden. I am usually a garden-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person, but lately I've been craving a bit more organization. I'm tired of having a plant ghetto, for one thing. But also I'd like this garden to have some underlying structure and symmetry, and for that I felt that a drawing was the best option.

Plan Detail of Shed and Grape Arbor

At the bottom of the garden is the shed, which I hope to make into a summer house / planting shed / getaway of some time. But it cuts the corner out of the space, so I filled in next to it with a large grape arbor, which both provides a great feature (both for the grapes and the arbor), and also then creates a boundary forming a nearly square area in the center of the space.

Rose Parterre Plan

And in the center, a parterre of raised beds with an weeping willow-leaf pear as a center focal point (Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'). I already have this tree and I'm excited to give it a good home. Poor thing has been moved about a dozen times. I've got peaches in the corners, and the rest will be roses, herbs and perennials. I've got room for 12 roses and 8 climbers. I'm so happy!

Of course, I can't afford to put this all in at once. But I can chip away at it. First step is to get the pear tree settled asap, before it leafs out. Oh yes, and figure how to organize the roses. I have a list of roses started, thanks to all of you (thank you!). I'm going with all pinks (both light and dark) and yellows/apricots for colors. But do I mix them all up? Do blocks of a color family together? I've got the corners and the climbers and I want something that's harmonious and soothing. Hmmmm....

~Angela :-)

P.S. For those of you wondering about my Saturday Survey, yes, I'm still doing it. And I am taking pictures every Saturday. But there's not a whole lot different in a week, so I'll post an update on the first Saturday of each month. Feel free to join in! :-)