Saturday Survey I: Week 1


Bird & Butterfly Garden I love looking at pictures of my garden. Not necessarily because they can be pretty, but because I find that the photo gives me a perspective that I don't get with the naked eye. Somehow, it highlights things I would have missed otherwise. So, given how informative my old time series was, I'm starting again this year in my newly installed Bird & Butterfly garden.

Golden Bamboo in Barrel

You can see that I took my lesson from the old series, and in this border I've chosen a golden bamboo in a half-barrel instead of the maiden grass I used before. We'll see if it's a better choice.

Daffodil Tips

Clearly the garden is a mess, and there's still some construction going on, but for today I was mostly interested in seeing what survived our unusual snowfall. And not only did I find new growth on several perennials, but I also found these: the tips of daffodils! Spring is coming! I'm so happy.

Bird Garden Through Archway

I'll post another photo in this series next Saturday. And feel free to join in if you want to!


~Angela :-)

Plants: Golden Bamboo - Phyllostachys aurea Daffodils - Narcissus