Saturday Survey I: Week 6


Bird & Butterfly Garden This year, inspired by a series of photos from my old house, I'm keeping a weekly series of photos in my garden, and I'm calling it Saturday Survey. I take pictures every Saturday, and I post the most recent one on the first Saturday of each month.

As you can see, compared to January's post, not much has changed. I cleaned up the beds a little but that's about it.

Daffodil Narcissus Tips

Except, wait, wait a minute.... those daffodils have definitely gotten bigger. Very exciting. I can't wait to show this bed bursting forth with flowers and birds and butterflies all season. I also can't wait to see if my planting scheme is going to work out the way it worked in my head.

The other thing that caught my eye was this little patch of rock cress in the half-barrel at the base of the bamboo. It seems so fresh and alive.

The big thing that keeps bugging me is the open back (to the far left in the top photo). Since I chose not to have a lot of structure across the back of this bed, the dog keeps wandering across it (and worse). So I'm considering some kind of barrier across the back. Espaliered something. Or open fence something. It has to be skinny because I planted all the way to the back.


~Angela :-)