Yet More Snow!!!


Snow Out Front Door Snow Covered Street

I know that for all of you in snow country, we PNWers seem like big babies with the snow we're having. But while this is business as usual for a lot of you, it's completely, totally and utterly bizarre for us. I mean, sure, we get snow every year or so, for a day or so. But we're on, what, our 9th straight day of snow? And it's still snowing! It's a couple of feet deep now.

My driveway is buried. That's an SUV bumper, there.

Snow Covered Dining Area

My backyard dining area is buried.

Snow Covered Shed

My shed is buried.

Snow Covered Veg Garden

My veg garden is buried. Take note, there are foot high raised beds in there. Under there.

Madness, shear madness! My last set of photos of the snow were pretty, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but honestly, I'm kinda ready for it to be gone. Maybe more than kinda. Where's my garden!???

Happy Holidays!

~Angela :-)