That Thrifted Quilt Just Kinda Jumped In My Basket


Thrifted Red Heart Quilt with Ruffle Tied Ribbon Bows on Thrifted Red Heart Quilt

Somehow I managed to buy a quilt the other day. I wasn't shopping for a quilt. I hadn't been planning to shop for a quilt.

But somehow I ended up with a quilt!

I guess that's what happens when you go to the thrift store! At least, it's what happens when I go to the thrift store. Ha.

Admittedly I do always cruise the linens to see if I can score any vintage beauties -- hand embroidered pillowcases and that sort of thing. So it was inevitable that I would discover this cheery little quilt tucked in among the 80's comforters.

It's not fancy patchwork, it's just cheater cloth. And the ruffle, while adorable, is way too puffy for the couch. There's a couple of holes and the ruffle has some damage.

But I can't help it, I just love it anyway. Look at those cute little bows! And it's all hand stitched. You can just tell that someone's mama or nana made it for them with lots of love.

Of course, no matter how charming it is, in the end it has to work in my home. SO (brace yourselves), I'm going to cut the ruffle off and put a regular binding on it. Since I'm using it on the couch, folded up when not in use, the ruffle is a bit unwieldy, you can see here:

Thrifted Red Heart Quilt with Ruffle

And, as mentioned, damaged:

Damage to Ruffle on Thrifted Red Heart Quilt

But don't worry -- the ruffle isn't going to go to waste. It's going to trim the curtains for the very same room, so it'll all be in there, just not, you know, attached to each other.

Either way, this little red quilt will get to live on in our home, where my kids can snuggle under it and play peek-a-boo with it and build forts with it, and it'll be very loved.

No wonder it jumped into my basket!


~Angela :-)

P.S. Do you guys hesitate before altering things like this? Or do you just chop and go?