Welcome to Pear Tree Cottage

Welcome to Pear Tree Cottage - via www.cottagemagpie.com

Well, we did it. We bought a new house! We've named it Pear Tree Cottage because of the pear tree in the back (more on that later). Meanwhile, I wanted to show it all to you. It's a... well... shall we call it "blank slate?"

I wanted a big yard and a single story with few/no steps up to the front door so my Dad could come visit (he's in a wheelchair), and Mr. Magpie wanted something relatively new (compared to the 1930 English Cottage we are living in now), so we could avoid the bigger reno work. So, a 1956 ranch house is what fit the bill! And, let's be honest, this is not the cutest house ever. But I really think it has potential. Come on in and see for yourself! All the individual room "before" tours are below, and you can keep up on the latest at the Pear Tree Cottage Tour.

Welcome to Pear Tree Cottage - via www.cottagemagpie.com

As you can see, it's pretty much a blank slate both inside and out, but it has some good structure. So I'm very excited! Even though it's a ton of work, at least it's crying out for improvement. If it was already beautiful I'd be faced with (a) nothing to add, and (b) having to contemplate ripping out perfectly good things because it's not the way I would want it. So this is the best possible situation for me.

So--I'm ready to rock and roll! I just have to finish everything at our current house. Move. And then embark on a massive amount of work. No biggie (hahahahahaha)!

Don't worry. Every little detail of the progression will be posted right here!! :-)

~Angela :-)

P.S. Here's all the rooms in their current state so you can see them in alllll their glory (har har):

Pear Tree Cottage Before Tour