You Can't Do Just One (Demo, That Is)


Coundown to Thanksgiving - Leveling the Floor Floor All One Level

You know how it is, right? You mean to do just one little demo project. You intend to do just one little home improvement. But you can't help it. Once you start, you can't stop. Pretty soon you're tearing the whole place down.

Or, up, as the case may be. Heh.

We've been living with this really sad kitchen floor. Really sad. The edges were peeling up, the finish was worn off, and it was up on a layer of chipboard so we were constantly tripping on it and/or stubbing toes. Plus, gah, the color! I like beige, but this wasn't a lovely, cozy beige, this was a soul-sucking beige that literally vacuumed the joy from your body.

Or something like that.

So, against all reason, and despite my newly avowed commitment to The Lipstick Way as I proceed with my "Countdown to Thanksgiving" dining room makeover ... we tore it up. Added bonus, now all the flooring is at the same level, which means (a) no tripping hazards, and (b) I can do trim work and other projects and know that the future floor will be at the same height as what's there now.

The vintage sunshine yellow Moroccan-style 70's vinyl is just a temporary added bonus. Hee hee. So, it took a couple of days, but we went from this:

Beige 80's Vinyl Floor

To this:

Yellow 70's Vinyl Floor

With a whole lotta this in between:

Big Pile of Demolition Debris in Kitchen

Oh yes, and plenty of this:

Baby Girl Covers Her Ears

Can you imagine the thought bubbles?

"Gee, that vacuum sure is loud."

"Oooh look, a broom!"

"Man, that's really loud!"

So, now the question is -- do any of you want to know how we did it? Because I'm gonna tell you all about it in the next post! :-)

Don't worry, the ugly part will be over soon, and then we'll finally get to the pretty stuff! I'd say that's my favorite, but I really like them both.

Which is your favorite? The demo or the decorating?

~Angela :-)

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