Announcing: Pillow Society!

Announcing Pillow Society Instagram Party #pillowsociety - via

Who loves pillows? I do, I do!! I love them. I love looking at them, shopping for them, sewing them, arranging them. It's kind of a defining characteristic of who I am, I think. :-) My husband says we have too many, but I say NAY! There's no such thing as too many pillows!!!

So, do you want to join my little club? I'm calling it the Pillow Society. (Yes, I am totally envisioning club meetings with tea and cookies and pretty teacups. And hats. Can we wear hats? Ahem.) Okay, to join is easy! All you have to do is (a) luuuuurve pillows (or pillow covers), then (b) post pictures of them on Tuesday or Wednesday each week, and (c) use the hashtag #pillowsociety. Thursday I'll feature a favorite and from time to time there might even be a bit of swag. Possibly even pillow-type swag hand-made by me. Maybe. No promises. ;-) <3

What kind of pillows you ask? Throw pillows, bed pillows, novelty pillows, pillow covers, pillow cases. Pillows you have, pillows you're drooling over, round-ups of seasonal selections..... if it's a pillow, it's in. I can't WAIT to see what you all come up with!! I completely expect to develop a rather serious pillow wish list this year. ?????????
But, hey, that's what happens when you join the #pillowsociety -- hazard of the job, people, hazard of the job. ;-)