Baby Quilts in Progress

Baby Quilts in Progress - via

It's Day 9 of our whirlwind office remodel. This is not from that. That is a giant mess, so I thought a pretty picture might be nicer. We're in the final push to get the build done so that life can get back to normal while I do all the little decorating projects and finish it off. That will take awhile. But hopefully this weekend we'll finally be able to at least start moving back in.

Meanwhile, this picture. So, I may have mentioned that I am making baby quilts now? I want to make 1,000 quilts total, and every 10th one is going to go to charity. I've already donated one quilt to charity and I'm plowing forward with the rest. It's in fits and starts since I work on it between other things. But a few days ago we had some sunny weather and I had a chance to take a few pictures and wanted to share this one with you. They're cute all lined up, aren't they? I'll list them as soon as I can get this crazy whirlwind office remodel done. :-) ?????????
Anything fun brewing for you???

Angela Guzzo