My Current Favorite Pillow Cover

Emmy Grace Fabric Pillow Cover - via

This is one of my favorite pillow covers. It’s always in rotation somewhere in my house unless it’s in the wash! I made it a few years ago with the simplest-ever construction—just some #emmygracefabric from @barij and @artgalleryfabrics and an envelope closure. Took about an hour all told, including cutting all the pieces and doing French seams. This is why I love pillow covers. They’re fast, easy and completely change the look of a room.

And speaking of pillows, there’s still time to come join the #pillowsociety meeting that’s now in session. Pillow covers, pillow cases, anything you want. And you don’t actually have to wear a hat, though I highly recommend it. Check yesterday’s post for instructions. :-) See you there!