Pillow Society: Week 6


Every week on Instagram we share pictures of pillows as part of our Pillow Society meeting (see #pillowsociety for the latest). There are always many, many pretty pictures, too many to share them all. But we pick a few highlights to give a taste. Here's the highlights from week 6:



Sigh! Isn't this just so pretty!! It's farmhouse but with a really authentic feel and a cottage-y twist. Ashley's house looks like what I fantasize mine might look like someday (although with more pink and yellow, of course!)

More from Ashley:



Isn't this just the cutest little vintage-style room? A very lucky little girl lives here. I would have loved this room when I was a kid! Heck, I'd love it now. ;-) So bright and colorful.

More from Courtney:



I admit I fell in love with this pillow because of all the amazing ruffles. But Janet's true talent is her beautiful watercolor paintings which you can get printed on pillowcovers and more. Definitely go look!

More from Janet:
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