Surviving Gray Winter

Yellow, Pink and Orange Pillows on Couch - via

So in case you were wondering why I am so obsessed with bright, happy, sunshiny colors right now, swipe left to see what it looks like outside. I'll wait....

SEE??? This is my world, my view from my front door, basically every day of winter. It's gray. It's wet. It's cold. The rain often rains sideways (or at least at an angle) so no matter what you do you get wet and have the rain splashing into your face. The ground is too boggy to garden and basically there's nothing to do but stay inside by the (faux) fire with tea and a book and wait for better weather. (Swipe left again to see my faux fire).

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for all the rain, the beautiful lush landscape and all the abundance it gives us with our long growing season and plentiful water. I'm just muddling through the gray, dreary downside. 
In fact, let’s swipe back to that first picture with the bright happy pillows. Ahhhhhhhh. That’s better.

How's your Saturday??

Grey, Rainy Suburban Street - via

Thank goodness for fire.

Fireplace for your Home DVD - via